Pretty much all you need to know is that Leslie Knope is my hero.

But seriously:

Mark: Honestly, Leslie, it's going to be a long uphill battle. You are going to be super-annoyed with all the people who want you to fail. There is a sea of red tape, endless road blocks. So, yeah, I don't know. I don't know.
Leslie: Screw it. I'm gonna try to do it anyway.

Anything worth doing has a roadblocks standing in the way. So like Leslie, I don't accept excuses from myself or from others and I've made it my mission to push the boundaries of what's possible, tell controversial stories, challenge people to think differently, and ultimately to be a part of building a more open, empathetic, and loving world. I do this through theatre and film, telling vibrant, honest, and edgy stories.

In Michigan, where I grew up, I was the artistic director of a theatre company called "Touch Your Soul Productions" where I directed productions of bare: a pop opera, Scarborough, Based on a Totally True Story, and several short films and music videos.

Since moving to New York City, I've been involved with the development of several new companies: 

  • Devanand Janki and I began Live & In Color, where I am the Director of New Works. At Live & In Color we develop new work for the stage that promotes and celebrates diversity.

  • Sam LaFrage and I created Ragtag Theatre Company, where we use Commedia dell'Arte and drag to tell fairytales from a queer perspective, encouraging all kids to express themselves authentically and without fear.

  • I founded Script Match, where I serve as Creative Director. Script Match is an online resource for the theatre industry, particularly focused on connecting playwrights with actors and producers, as well as providing audition prep support for actors.

  • I am the Video Director of the startup B • OUT, a digital home for all things LGBTQ.

Outside of those ventures, I am a freelance director and video producer. Check out my directing resume for shows I've worked on and my reel for videos I've shot and edited. 

Be yourself. Make a difference. 

xo Dennis